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By : H. Douglas Dean, Apil 20, 1966 [ Sermon Evolution: Questions and Answers ]

H. Douglas Dean P.H. D.

After each of these lectures, there was a question and answer session. Dr. Dean allowed the audience to ask any questions about the subject of Evolution or anything he said in the lectures. The final lecture of Dr. Dean will be in the form of questions and answers. Here are some of the interesting questions that were asked and the answers given by Dr. Dean.
------Lonnie Branam

Question: What about the radioactive carbon method of determining the age of the earth, Carbon 14?

Dr. Dean: The radioactive carbon cannot be used for determining the age of the earth, or should I say, it is not being used to determine the age of the earth because as most scientific publications say that when radioactive carbon is used that they get a ridiculously low age, and that everyone knows that the earth is millions of years old; but according to radiocarbon dating it dates only a few thousand years, so therefore, radiocarbon is not used to date the earth. Radiocarbon is a very effective way of dating back to six or seven thousand years. The most it goes back to is about twenty-five thousand years, and yet when you go back twenty-five thousand years there is a possibility of 90% error. Certainly, anything that might be 90% wrong is not acceptable. If a student hands in an examination paper that's 90% wrong he may as well take the examination with him.

Question: Can they use the Carbon 14 test on measuring the age of the dinosaurs?

Dr. Dean: Once again, Carbon 14 could be used to date the dinosaur, but the scientists say they get ridiculously low ages, like 1500 B.C., and consequently it is not used there. You won't find any account anywhere where radio carbon is used to date bones of men, animals or anything. They use things like potassium argon and so forth where they get a million, eight hundred and fifty thousand years.

Question: How can you reconcile the age of he world as established by archaeology and the account given in the Bible?

Dr. Dean: Much of your archaeology evidence, I mean actual evidence, indicates a very recent earth origin, a very young earth. Of course, archaeology, like biology, has gone into speculation and presents so-called archaeological evidence for the age of the earth being much


greater than that, but there are many facts in archaeology that confirm the idea of a relatively young earth. We mean less than ten thousand years old.

Question: Why could God not have used evolution in the process of creating man?

Dr. Dean: Certainly he could have used this process had he wanted to, but there is no evidence of any nature that he did use this to evolve man. God, being omnipotent, all-powerful, could have used any method that he wanted to, but he did not choose this method to do it. There is no evidence for the evolution of man as taught by theistic-evolutionists.

Question: If you do not believe that pre-historic men were the ancestors of modern man then what were they?

Dr. Dean: There certainly were some pre-historic men. There are pre-historic men in Australia and New Zealand today, the Australian Bush Man. There is no fossil man that we cannot find a counterpart to living today. Modern day man has emerged on the earth since the last ice age, and the last ice age was less than ten thousand years ago. Prior to the ice age there is practically no fossil evidence for the existence of man. Man appeared very suddenly on the earth, and the scientific evidence is that man appeared less than ten thousand years ago. Now, Dr. Leakey and his Zinjanthropus and so forth and some of the so-called fossil men have turned out to se be hoaxes.

Question: What theories do evolutionists use to allow for the simultaneous development of the male and female with the species?

Dr. Dean: This is one of the big problems of the evolutionist. The evolutionist is not able to give an evolutionary account for the development of the male and female. Now the Bible tells us that male and female created He them, but thre is no reasoning, no scientific reasoning to exp;lain the origin of male and female in the various species of plants and animals. This is one of the greatest problems of the evolutionist. The greatest problem is the origin of life, and then next to
that is the problem of male and female, how they came into being; and this is not explained by the evolutionists. Now, they have theorized. There are numerous theories relating to this, but none based upon any evidence.


Question: If evolutionists believe they are the product of chance, how can they trust their mind to evaluate or understand anything, even to the understanding of evolution?

Dr. Dean: Well, I think this question expresses itself. They really can't.

Question: What is meant by spontaneous generation?

Dr. Dean: Spontaneous generation goes back to the time of Anaximander who proposed that mud spontaneously gave rise to frogs and flies, the origin of life, from something that is non-living. Louis Pasteur disproved this in his various experiments which show that life could not originate out of nothing, something that is material and non-living.

Question: Is the cave man we have been taught about actually a stocky hairy man, a somewhat ape-like individual? Has this been substantially proven?

Dr. Dean: Well, the Australian Bush man of today is sort of ape-like in appearance. I see people even here in our own United States that have somewhat of an ape-like appearance. I might say this concerning the Neanderthal Man. The Neanderthal Man is one of our richest fossil finds, shall we say, and the Neanderthal man did walk all stooped over sort of in an ape-like appearance; and recent investigation has shown that the Neanderthal man died out due to a severe epidemic of arthritis, that the bones became very crooked and distorted; and examination of all these fossils so far reveal that they were infected with one of the worst forms of arthritis which severely distorted their bones. If you see some elderly person today with a severe case of arthritis, they almost assume an ape-like appearance in walking.

Question: Last night you said that dinosaurs lived approximately 1500 years ago. If so, why didn't man leave some record of this giant beast?

Dr. Dean: There are records of these giant beasts which are kept from the public. These are generally not revealed in most of our textbooks. There are considerable sources of information which indicate to us that dinosaurs have lived in the recorded history of mankind, the most
notable of which is over here in the Paluxy River Basin at Glen Rose, Texas, where we find the fossil imprints of dinosaurs and men side by side embedded within the same rock; and in various literary writings there are numerous references made by people to animals that had a


dinosaur-like appearance. Even now in Mexico there is an expedition from the University of Southern California which is searching out some of the reports of dinosaur-like animals supposedly existing there.

Question: Can the age of the earth be dated by the layers of rocks?

Dr. Dean: We used to date the age of the earth by the layers of rock, but in general this is being rapidly discarded. For instance, in the Grand Canyon they look at the various layers and attempt to estimate the age of the earth. This is what is called Stratigraphy, or using the strata or layers of earth to calculate its age. We have also used the salt concentration in the ocean in order to determine the age of the earth. The currently accepted method of dating the age of the earth is radio-isotopic dating, and really, radio-isotopic dating is being discarded. In general, the layers are not used to date the earth anymore.

Question: What's the strongest argument evolutionists have?

Dr. Dean: I don't know of any one strong argument they have. In fact, I don't know any strong argument. I don't know of any argument that they make that we cannot tear down. We challenge them to present any argument and back it up with scientific fact–not with some of the theories, not with what you think about it, but present us with the facts. Present us with the fact that the earth is more than 10,000 years old. Present us with the facts that man has evolved from an ape-like ancestor. Present us with the facts that dinosaurs evolved into birds. And yet, all of these things are taught in our biology textbooks.

Question: Dr. Dean, do you think that the majority of the proponents of evolution in our public schools believe as you do or do they believe actually that man came from monkeys?

Dr. Dean: I am inclined to believe that the majority of the people lean in our direction. I know of some people teaching in some colleges and universities where they are required to teach evolution, that if you do not teach evolution you are not permitted to be on the faculty. But evolution is required by the head of the department, or it is required by the biological council. In private conversation with many of the
teachers I find that they lean in our direction. They sort of have the feeling that well, I know this is supposed to be true but you know I just can't really believe it. I can't really go along with it. I have heard many say, well I teach this in my classes because this is what I am supposed to teach, but I really don't quite see or understand it.

Question: Does the Bible even mention the word, “evolution?”

Dr. Dean: No.

Question: What is the difference between the creation of man in Genesis 1 and in Genesis 2, as to the first or the latter part of creation?

Dr. Dean: In Genesis 1 we find a general account of the creation of man, given along with the creation of plants and animals. In chapter 2 he goes back and gives special consideration as to actually how man was created. In the earlier creative account we find that he caused the water to bring forth life, and caused the earth to bring forth life. Specifically in this case, he says he formed man from the dust of the earth and breathed into him the breath of life so that man became a living soul. There are not two separate accounts of creation as some people would have us believe. The one is a general account, and the second is a more specifically detailed account of the same situation.

Question: You spoke of the signs of the flood being universal as proven by science. How did they prove it?

Dr. Dean: Through the silt strata, the indications of silt deposits and so forth that are found throughout the world.

Question: This question has to do with the day you mentioned. It used the passage 2 Peter 3:8, “One day with the Lord is as a thousand years.” Is it a period of time or a fulfillment? I imagine that has reference to the fact of you speaking of the twenty four hour day in Genesis 1.

Dr. Dean: Well, regardless of what this particular reference refers to, many people say that herer is strong s indication that the days of Genesis 1 could have been a thousand years. Well, I would say the evidence is that all these things have appeared very suddenly and in very recent times. There is no scientific indication that these various animal phyla appeared over periods of thousands of years, but they appeared all at once. So, whether we could use this to support the idea that the days were a
thousand years long, I think we become guilty of trying to twist the scriptures to fit something that we believe. One again, we don't have to resort to this.

Question: Is it not true or possible that the different races developed at the time of the Tower of Babel?

Dr. Dean: It is very definitely possible that this is when it occurred.

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